Rest in Budapest

October 11, 2016

In March 2016 I spent a few weeks in Budapest. A time for me to grab an opportunity to rest after recently leaving a stressful environment that affected me deeply.  


In this photo I am resting on one of the big branches of a huge, welcoming trees present on St Margaret Island, situated in the heart of Budapest on the river Danube.

There were small groups of trees on this Island and it was a little tranquil gem in the middle of the river, in the middle of the city...

The time in Hungary was the most 'let it be' time I had experienced in a long time. Nothing was requested of me, I didn't need to be anywhere, I didn't have to answer stupid or clever questions, I didn't have to speak to anyone. I only had myself to battle with as well as come to peace with, no distractions for this process to be allowed! It was a great experience to be there and at the right time.


Until the next blog  Viszontlátásra...

Acknowledgement - Photograph by Adam Liles




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