A walk in the park

October 30, 2016

At the end of Summer I took a walk to the horticulture centre nearby. Amongst other gorgeous plants and flowers I stopped to admire the Borage, also known as Starflower or bee bread.

Beautiful and rich in its intense colour, hairy stems and sepals, which give them a halo effect, a kind of sheen, a kind of glamour. 


The short clip of this irresistible happy chappy buzzing around the Borage just makes me smile, so I decided to share the video with you, the reader, with a music that describes my feeling, when I look at it again and again :-)



These gorgeous little flowers looked down on the soil in this short video and probably wondering what was underneath, whilst they got tickled by the bee.


It is now Autumn and my walk in the same gardens reveals the same flowers are now 'melting' with the underworld, to feed the earth with their nutrients. I could almost ‘see’ their labour, the miracle of infinite life cycles. I thought to myself, 'When I'll come back next year the new buds, seedlings and new growth will energise and renew my soul and it will be just another little miracle, those that only happen to me in these environments of natural beauty'.


With this in mind I kept wandering around, feeling at peace...


In the next blog I will continue with my walk in the park accounts and thoughts, so until next time, cheerio dear reader. 






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