Autumnal Moods

November 6, 2016



Hello again! In my previous blog I shared a few thoughts that populated my head during my outing. Here is a continuation of that walk along with my reflections...


From the same garden of the Borage flowers I saw something swirling and landing or continuing further from where I was. When I looked up, many of them were departing from their Sycamore parent tree.

There and then it made me think of an airport with propeller planes, each with an important mission, being dispatched one after another. These trees and their winged seeds are to be seen everywhere round here, yet I had never witnessed the process of a flying seed to its new destination. I felt lucky to be right there and then.

Later on, when I was re-watching my attempted recording of this process, I drew a comparison between the flying seeds and the emigrants of the past, who had no idea what was awaiting for them where they were heading, yet it was a necessary leap of faith they had to take in order to survive or improve desperate circumstances. Some ended well some didn’t, just like some of these seeds will flourish and some won’t. My train of thoughts progressed to compare this process with my endeavours to get to flourish where I failed in the past, to get to embrace and learn from failure, rather than feel crushed by it. Only the right attitude combined with optimal conditions will give me and those propelled seeds of the Sycamore, the best chances to succeed!

I felt energised and satisfied after my walk and needless to say that walks in the park are very good for my soul. Even when I was caught in the rain I felt blessed to be standing under one of the 'dispatching' Sycamore trees, whilst I watched the rain fall heavily on the field and the clouds moving away from the sun and letting it shine.


Until next blog, let’s wish good luck to all those of us, like sycamore seeds, are journeying to their new destinations and beyond. 

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