My Journey

November 7, 2016

I was born and raised in southern Italy, in the suburbs of a city called Caserta about 35km from the city of Naples.


In my early teens I used to draw on the old and already battered green school desks. I immersed myself into tracing lines to form images and forgot about the rest of the world.


My maternal grandmother, nonna Enza, had an old wobbly white table, which she covered with an old army blanket when I didn't use it as my desk for my homework during long visits to her home. One day I had an urge to draw the profile portrait of a young girl on that table and when I finished, I placed the blanket back on and not given any further thoughts. Sometime after, nonna Enza found the drawing, she scurried across the corridor almost shouting my name. This startled me and I thought I was in trouble when she asked me if I’d drawn on the table. I was relieved to find that, not only she wasn’t cross, but she praised my drawing and we admired and talked about it together.

Around the age of 18 I was given my first oil paint and canvas by an auntie who had given up her hobby and all her materials. I started painting straightaway and from then on I enjoyed throwing strokes on canvas. It was relaxing and the way the colours blended together was almost magic to me.

'Horizon Gazing' and 'Broken' were some of the paintings I made before I left Italy...

'Horizon Gazing' is a painting from 1995 or 1996, which I painted when I was still living at home, in Italy. When I decided to leave for the UK, I thought I'd be back after 6 months, but the taste of independence was too delicious...


'Broken' represents my breaking away and starting a new life. I painted this piece about a week, if not the day before my departure to the UK. I didn't know what this meant at the time, but it's extremely telling. It would have been the beginning of April in 1996. What an adventure I was about to embark, all I knew was the unknown and it was exciting and moving me forward. I recovered this painting and the one above, in November 2016


I moved to England at the age of 21 and when I started my media communication studies, I came across other ways of creating lovely artwork images and really enjoyed doing that for college and university projects. With the years, when I felt I wasn’t ready to enter the media career, I pushed my art aside and went on doing other things.
Recently, however, my artistic side rebelled, forcing me to see that art was part of me, it is a way to express my state of mind. I worked hard through personal development, to search hard within me and finally decided to get back in touch with my inner-self, which also meant getting back into oil painting and creating images.. I feel I’m finally on a promising path, the path of self fulfilment and ultimately the path that connects me to my true self.
Today I feel good about how I use my artwork and how it fulfils my need to express myself. 


Here is a little introduction to how I came to become an artist...




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