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November 14, 2016

When I started painting again I noticed more than ever, how much more I enjoy working on different compositions at the same time. Oil is my favourite medium because of how the colours blend together and stay vibrant after they dry. I find it easier to create a soft transition between shades and let the brush guide me through the canvas. More often than not, with this medium, I'm just holding the brush and something takes over and does the rest. It's powerful, revealing and liberating, free from my own prejudice of what I should be painting, it's creativity in its pure state.

I work with acrylics as well from time to time because they allow me to complete a vision on canvas much more quickly. I find the colours are not very vibrant and they dry too quickly, so in some cases the advantage is also the disadvantage.  It's a learning curve...

On occasion I also like to work with watercolour, however this medium requires a plan before applying the paint, so I only use it if I've made the drawing or if I have a clear vision of what I'm going to do on canvas.
My works tend to be simple,with few elements and strong colours to create a suggestive motif with subtle detail.


Below are some of my paintings in all three mediums




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