Waking up the poet in me

December 5, 2017

Today I woke up with a new awareness and I would like to share it here as I have done on my Facebook page already.


I woke up and as the morning went on these words in a sort of poem (ish) fashion came to me.


I feel proud that I can write about such feeling as I was starting to despair this may never happen even temporarily.




Freedom is slowly starting to flow again through my veins

I felt it yesterday on my drive to the work I made peace with
I felt it on the way back to the passion I'm making peace with


I felt freedom when I wore my Tree of Life neckless for the first time in a long time
I felt it when I cared to put make up on my face again two days on a row
I feel it when I am able to forgive myself
I feel it when I can speak my mind withouth hurting others


This year I feel this Sun slowly coming back our way and the early Christmas decorations and frenzy abundance has,

for once,

been nothing but delight and encouraging me to be.


Never ever I thought this feeling would be possible again for me, but I see the light now more than I did last year


I am intending not to be scared of the dark nor of the light


Today I feel free, as I did yesterday
I feel free today as I felt trapped last week
I feel this is who I am and who I am is ok today


I'm resting in the dark and I look forward to the light


End of last year and the beginning of this one I painted 'Solace', which leaves me wondering, do I see things before I feel them and my entire self is there - was it a vision of the future?





If this image inspired you as it inspired me when it came to life through my brushes, I made this available for purchase on greeting cards or as a print to put in a frame.


Happy Winter Solstice 2017 everybody, I know I am having a good one this year...

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